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About MVS

We are “blazing our own path to excellence”!

MARYVILLE VIRTUAL SCHOOL (MVS) is a 4-12 school where students predominantly learn asynchronously from home. This is not a re-packaging of the MCS COVID "digital" instruction where students Zoomed with teachers for instruction. MVS is a true virtual school with on-line curriculum and instruction with weekly assignments that can be completed on the student's own schedule.  Starting in 23-24, students in grades 4-8 will also have a weekly Zoom class meeting each week to kick off the week's instruction with their main teacher.

Teachers support student learning through videoed instruction, assignment feedback, email, and video-conferencing, as needed. At MVS, we monitor student grades and attendance and intervene when necessary with more support, which could include phone calls home, academic support via zoom, or an invitation to our Academic Support Center.  Students are required to come into the MVS for some class assessments, some benchmark testing, and all state testing. 


Maryville Virtual School Comprehensive Framework