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Registration Information: MCS Transfer Students

Step 1: Apply to MVS

If you are ready to enroll now and are currently enrolled in a Maryville City school, please click below to complete the MVS Application. 

MVS Application

Step 2: MVS Considers Your Application

Thank you for applying to Maryville Virtual School! Now that you have completed the application form for Maryville City Schools, your application will be sent to the school for consideration. Because MVS is a small school, their available courses are more limited than their on-site counterparts. Thus, before your student is accepted, MVS must ensure that his/her class needs can be fullfilled. Note for summer regisrations: MVS's office staff works sparingly during the summer, so applications will be considered once each week, and parents will be notified as soon as possible. 

Step 3: Choosing Electives- 9th through 12th grade

If accepted to MVS, you will scheduled using the elective choices made at you on-site school. If more information or different choices are needed, you will be emailed a link to choose your electives class for the year.  Please see the MVS Schaolar's Prep Guide for information on classes.