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Registration Information: New Students

Step 1: Pre-Reigistration Online


Note: Parents/legal guardians who are interested in paying tuition to send their student(s) to Maryville Virtual School, but who are not domiciled (i.e. do not reside daily) within the city limits of Maryville must first apply for tution status. If you would like to apply for tuition to attend MVS, please email us at to request the form.

Step 2: Register Online // Provide Documentation

Once your Preregistration data had been approved, you will receive an email explaining the process of how to create yourself a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account and how to finish the Online Registration forms.  As a part of this process, you will need to upload the following documentation to the site or deliver it to the school office.

1. Proof of Birth, one of the following forms:

  • Birth Certificate - issued by a government

  • Passport issued by any nation (translated)

  • Immigration documentation

  • Decree of adoption or other records issued by a court

  • Other official documentation showing date of birth and parent's names

2. Social Security Card (if available)

3. TN Certificate of Immunization  (Helpful Info) - 7th Grade students MUST have the TN State required immunizations.

4. Proof of Residency (Helpful Info): mortgage or lease AND a utility bill from City of Maryville or ATMOS.

5. Proof of Grades for 4-12 AND Offical Transcript for 9-12 graders

6. ONLY for 4th Grade Tennessee students--  TN Ready/TCAP Test Parent Report from the 3rd grade. (Helpful Info)

7. Withdrawal Form and Grades from Previous School

**Optional: Custody Documents Pertaining to the Students // Documentation of Special Services (IEP, 504, RTI)

 Only legal guardians may register students.

Step 3: MVS Considers Your Application

Thank you for applying to Maryville Virtual School! Now that you have completed the application/registration process for Maryville City Schools, your application will be sent to the school for consideration. Because MVS is a small school, their available courses are more limited than their on-site counterparts. Thus, before your student is accepted, MVS must ensure that his/her class needs can be fullfilled. They cannot complete this important work without a copy of your student's current grades and/or high school transcript. If you did not supply those as part of the MCS registration process, please email those to MVS at  Note for summer regisrations: MVS's office staff works sparingly during the summer, so applications will be considered once each week, and parents will be notified as soon as possible. 

Step 4: Choosing Electives- 9th through 12th grade

If accepted to MVS, you will emailed a link to choose your electives class for the year.  Please see the MVS Schaolar's Prep Guide for information on classes.